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Common Core

Arts Integration

Graduation Requirements

LAUSD Course & Exam Requirements

Class of 2017 and later

210 Credits


3 Years of Social Studies

World History A/B

US History A/B



4 Years of English

Engilsh 9A/B

English 10A/B

Amer. Lit/Cont. Composition



3 Years of College Prep Math

Algebra 1A/B

Geometry A/B

Algebra 2 A/B


4 years of Math recommended for University


2 Years of College Prep Science


Physical Science


3 Years of Science recommended for University


2 Years World Language 


2 Years of Physical Education


1 Year Visual or Performing Art


1 Year Applied Technology


1 Semester Health


14 Semesters of College Prep Electives


Computer Literacy requirement

(take and pass 1 computer class) 


Service Learning Experience


Career Pathway

Grad Requirements

Credits Required



Student grade level progress will be measured with A-G grade level benchmarks in addition to credits.


Freshman (Grade 9) = 50

Sophomore (Grade 10) = 105   

Junior (Grade 11 )  = 160

Senior (Grade 12) = 210